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Third Party Testing


After years of continuous improvements, our team yearned for validation that not only does SmartScoop® work as it should, but also that it excelled in certain areas over the leading competitor. SmartScoop hired a third party, independent testing agency* to evaluate SmartScoop on three variables:


1. Average of unsoiled litter wasted per completed cycle
2. Average waste removed from litter tray
3. Average motor noise


SmartScoop was compared to the LitterMaid™ Elite Mega model since the sizes of both litter boxes are similar. Based on the findings report, the following validates SmartScoop’s claims:


SmartScoop wastes 86% less unsoiled litter than LitterMaid


Four units of each brand were tested in four rounds with the same litter, Fresh Step®. The amount of litter poured into the tray was based on the manufacturer’s instructions. "Litter wasted" refers to the amount of fresh or unused litter that gets deposited or pushed into the unit’s waste receptacle or left on the floor. SmartScoop - based on 93 completed test cycles - wasted 110.64 gm while LitterMaid - based on 91 completed test cycles - wasted 769.40 gm. Therefore, SmartScoop operates more economically and efficiently than the LitterMaid Elite Mega.


SmartScoop picks up 14% more cat waste than LitterMaid


During the same tests, the independent lab recorded the amount of dirty litter left behind (meaning not placed in the waste receptacle) from either the waste tray or the floor. Some soiled litter even stuck to the bottom of the tray! The average was then taken from all the places dirty litter was left and the difference between SmartScoop and LitterMaid was 14%. The lab even had to scoop out at least 20 grams of dirty litter after LitterMaid's cleaning cycles. We are proud to report that SmartScoop does its job, it picks up more contaminated cat litter during an average removal cycle than LitterMaid.



SmartScoop is not as loud as LitterMaid


Utilizing a sound meter, the lab recorded the decibel level of each cycle on four units of each brand. On average, SmartScoop test units registered a noise level of 51.4 dBa while LitterMaid units registered an average noise level of 62.3 dBa, which is perceived as twice as loud. Perceptions of increases in decibel level are measured by the following:


Imperceptible change 1dB
Barely perceptible change 3 dB
Clearly noticeable change 5 dB
About twice as loud 10 dB
About four times as loud 20 dB


Since the average difference in sound is 10.9 dBa, the LitterMaid Elite Mega is twice as loud as SmartScoop.


*OnSpex (Findings Reports #30017831 )

LitterMaid™ is a registered trademark of Applica Consumer Products, Inc.
































SmartScoop, an OurPet's brand.