SmartScoop Which of the following best describes you?


"I don’t like cleaning the litter box and want to do it less often"

"I want to plug the litter box in and never touch it again as long as I live"


Let’s be honest, all litter boxes need to be cleaned at some point. We never claim that you’ll never clean your box again. In fact, we’re up-front in saying SmartScoop helps you remove waste on a daily basis. It is suggested to clean the box on a monthly basis and refresh the litter.


SmartScoop Which of the following best describes your cats and litter boxes?


"I have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes"

"I have 64 cats and 2 litter boxes"


SmartScoop works well in multiple cat homes, up to a point. It relies on a sensor that activates the cleaning cycle 15 minutes after a cat uses and leaves the box. If another cat enters the box during that countdown, it resets. If your home has a LOT of cats, there will be too many cats in and out of the litter box, and the sensor will be continually resetting, never starting a cleaning cycle. If your home has an unusually large number of cats, then an automatic litter box might not be a good fit for your home.


SmartScoop Which of the following best describes where you keep your litter box?


"I have a tiny apartment so my litter box is in the corner or bathroom"

"I have a home where the litter box is in the basement"


Eliminating odor from your litter box is pet parents number one concern regardless of where the litter box is located. In a small efficiency apartment, space is valuable and odors have no where to escape. SmartScoop is perfect for people living in small apartments or condos. For homes where the litter box is kept in the basement, odor may not be your number one concern, but from your cat's perspective, using a smelly litter box is like going into a rest stop restroom that hasn't been cleaned in weeks!


SmartScoop Which of the following best describes your lifestyle?


"I am a mom-to-be or have young children in the home"

"I am getting older and its difficult to do stairs and bend at the knees"


If you are pregnant, it is advised to not handle any cat waste as you could be susceptible to toxoplasmosis. SmartScoop performs the daily maintenance of removing waste so you don't have to. It has a lined waste tray, making it easy to toss away the bag without having to touch contaminated litter. SmartScoop's waste tray is also covered, keeping the waste hidden from kids and dogs. If you are older and have difficulty bending, SmartScoop cuts back on your daily waste management routine - allowing you to only bend when the waste tray is full or when your entire unit needs a thorough cleaning.


SmartScoop Which best describes what you do with the cat when you travel?


"My cat stays at home while I travel"

"My cat goes to a family member or friend's home when I am out of town"


When you return home from travelling, the first thing you don't want to be hit with is the dirty task of cleaning the smelly litter box. Since SmartScoop automatically scoops, the only chore you might need to do upon your return is discard the No-Touch Waste Bag. The Activated Carbon Filter also absorbs odor so you should return home to a fresh litter box. SmartScoop is easy to disassemble if it accompanies the cat to its temporary home... alleviating the some of the responsibilities required by your friend or family member!



SmartScoop Which best describes your expectation of a self-scooping litter box?


"I don’t mind some motor noise as the litter box cycles"

"I don’t want to hear a sound coming from the litter box"


Self-scooping litter boxes have motors, and motors make noise. Even cars with the most advanced engineering make some noise, and the SmartScoop motor is a litter motor performing a big job. No automatic litter box will ever be soundless, but SmartScoop makes less noise than other self-scooping litter boxes. If you require an environment free of whirs and hums, an automatic litter box may not be the right option for you.


SmartScoop Which of the following best describes the TYPE of litter you use?


"I use clumping litter"

"I use old fashioned, clay litter that doesn’t clump"


You MUST use clumping litter in SmartScoop. Many people who use non-clumping litter have been disappointed in SmartScoop, although we clearly state that clumping litter is the only type of litter that should be used. Other types of litter that does NOT work in SmartScoop: pine pellets and newspaper pellets.


SmartScoop Which of the following best describes the AMOUNT of litter you use?


"I use a reasonable amount of litter"

"I will want to fill SmartScoop with litter all the way to the top"


With conventional litter boxes, it makes sense to overload with litter. This is NOT the case with SmartScoop. Overloading WILL cause failure of the motor unit.  NEVER exceed recommended litter depth as determined by the SmartScoop owner’s manual. SmartScoop uses less litter than traditional boxes because it is only scooping up contaminated waste. Also, tests from an independent lab confirm that over the course of a year, SmartScoop on average wastes less litter than the leading competitor.


SmartScoop Which of the following best describes you?


"I always read instruction manuals so I can learn how to best use the product"

"I never read anything and I’ll use the product the way I want to use it"


SmartScoop was designed by smart engineers who understand things like torque, motor strength, milliamps and other stuff that most pet parents don’t care about. Please follow their recommendations so that SmartScoop operates efficiently and as it was designed.



NoteSmartScoop is large enough for a multi-cat home! The litter area is 14" wide x 16" deep, giving your cat plenty of room to do its business!

NoteSmartScoop's activated filters absorb odor so you never have to worry about that "cat smell" again.

NoteSmartScoop stays clean - giving you the freedom from scooping daily or worrying about coming home to a smelly home after traveling for a few days.






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