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SmartScoop There's a myth?  What is it?


We don’t call SmartScoop a "self-cleaning" litter box, and there are several good reasons for that. 


When we designed SmartScoop®, we asked ourselves, "What is its best feature? What really sets it apart from other litter boxes? What makes it better than all the other automatic litter boxes on the market?" Our best answer was, "SmartScoop is by far the easiest automatic litter box to clean and maintain." 


But that seemed strange to us. How could we say "Buy the SmartScoop Self-Cleaning Litter Box because it’s so easy to clean?" That doesn’t make any sense. And then we had an epiphany: The self-cleaning litter box is a myth and to claim that any litter box would never need to be touched does an incredible disservice to anyone who has a pet cat.


We wanted to take a different approach and be up-front so that we didn't create unrealistic expectations. 


Let’s start with our litter box’s name. We call SmartScoop a "Self-Scooping Litter Box," not a self-cleaning litter box. To imply that a litter box is self-cleaning would suggest that it picks up every single molecule of cat waste in the box 100% of the time and dumps out the litter when it needs to be changed. Then it miraculously grows legs, walks across the room, jumps into the wash tub, turns on the water, soaps itself up, rinses itself off, fills back up with clean litter and does so without you ever knowing. Pretty ridiculous, huh? So is the concept of a "self-cleaning" litter box.


Every SmartScoop product helps you with your daily, weekly or monthly litter box activities. Based on a single-cat home, we recommend the following: 


Daily, you’ll save time using the Self-Scooping Litter Box because you won’t need to scoop every day. That doesn’t mean you’ll never have to remove small clumps that the litter rake doesn’t pick up, but it does mean that you won’t have to scoop the box daily. 


Weekly, SmartScoop’s waste bin will have to be emptied. With one average sized cat in your home, the waste bin will fill up in about a week, depending on the amount of waste your cat leaves behind. If your cat prefers to only use one side of the box out of habit, that side of the waste tray will fill up faster and may require you to empty the bin sooner. SmartScoop comes with a 6 month supply of No-Touch Waste Bags! 


Monthly, we recommend you give SmartScoop a good cleaning. Let’s face it – a litter box is a harsh environment! It’s full of dust, abrasive litter is being kicked everywhere, and there is plenty of moisture. We know it’s not the most pleasant task to clean a litter box, but it is a mechanical device, and mechanical devices need maintenance. Imagine if you never changed your car’s oil or cleaned it; it would soon be in disrepair. 


Once a month, we recommend that you dump all of the litter out of SmartScoop and clean the litter pan, waste unit, waste tray, rake and deflector with soap and water. This is a great time to replace the Activated Carbon Filter so odor is absorbed and eliminated. Reassemble all parts, fill the litter box with your favorite clumping litter and you’re ready to go! 


So, next time you hear or read about a "self-cleaning litter box," remember that it's a myth. The only thing in your home that is "self-cleaning" is your cat!




NoteSmartScoop is large enough for a multi-cat home! The litter area is 14" wide x 16" deep, giving your cat plenty of room to do its business!

NoteSmartScoop's activated filters absorb odor so you never have to worry about that "cat smell" again.

NoteSmartScoop stays clean - giving you the freedom from scooping daily or worrying about coming home to a smelly home after traveling for a few days.







SmartScoop, an OurPet's brand.