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When assembling SmartScoop®, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow these instructions or an easily preventable malfunction will occur, causing permanent damage to your SmartScoop. 


Align waste unit


Do not use SmartScoop until you have completely read and understand the "SmartStart Guide for a Fresher Litter Box."



After assembling the motor unit, lift the plastic latch cover and align the waste unit above the motor unit.

Align waste unit  
Not Properly Latched


Press down firmly until the latches engage. You will hear a distinct "click" when the latches are correctly engaged. If the latches are not properly engaged, damage could result.



NOTE: The latch in this picture is not fully engaged.  This will result in damage. The bottom arrow shows a gap between the waste unit and motor unit.

Properly Latched  
Litter rake


This shows a properly engaged latch, with no gap between the motor unit and waste unit.



When assembling the litter rake, make sure that you first place the unbent end into the hole in the waste unit, as pictured above.

Litter rake
Litter rake


First, place the unbent end into the hole in the waste unit, as pictured above.



Next, align the elbow of the bent end so that it points up and drop into rake slot, as pictured above.


Litter rake

Close rake safety door


Make sure that the tines of the litter rake are pointing toward the bottom of the litter pan, as shown above.



Next, push the safety door latch to drop the curved end into the rake slot. (On older units, you must close the rake safety door. Failure to do so will cause the rake to be in an improper position which could damage the motor unit.)

Close latch cover
Close waste door


Close the colored plastic latch cover.



Close the waste lid.

Fill with litter    


Your SmartScoop is now ready to be filled with cat litter and powered on.




















































































SmartScoop, an OurPet's brand.