Welcome to the SmartScoop® "Help Me" Online Support Archive! It contains lots of pictures and instructions - everything you need to make sure your SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box is set up and functioning properly.  Unit colors may vary, picture instructions apply to all units.


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setup   How-To: Set Up SmartScoop
filter   How-To: Install SmartScoop Activated Carbon Filters
bags   How-To: Install & Remove SmartScoop No-Touch Waste Bags
ramp   How-To: Install SmartScoop Litter Catching Ramp
assembly   How-To: Disassemble SmartScoop
empty   How-To: Empty Waste From SmartScoop
cleaning   How-To: Clean SmartScoop
cleaning motor   How-To: Clean Motor Unit
filling   How-To: Fill SmartScoop with Litter
troubleshooting clumps   Troubleshooting: Waste Clumps Stick to Litter Rake
clumps   Troubleshooting: Small Waste Clumps Stick to the Bottom of the Pan
no power   Troubleshooting: No Power to SmartScoop
cleaning sensor   Troubleshooting: Cleaning Cycle Doesn't Start
mode   Troubleshooting: What Do the Different MODE Lights Mean?
unit straining   Troubleshooting: SmartScoop Struggles Through a Cleaning Cycle
lid   Troubleshooting: Waste Lid Doesn't Close
waste   Troubleshooting: Waste Is Stuck Behind Rake
getting stuck   Troubleshooting: Waste Unit and Motor Unit Binds and Gets Stuck
rake   Troubleshooting: The Litter Rake Popped Out of The Slot
piles   Troubleshooting: Litter Piles Up Near The End of The Box


Lost Your Instructions?

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SmartStart User Guide (3.4 mb PDF)
QuickStart Guide (1.37 mb PDF)











































































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