August 2011


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Scooping Cat Waste Was Never This Hands Off

- SmartScoop® Automatic Litter Box Eliminates Daily Scooping -

FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio (March 16, 2011) - What is one thing most cat owners have in common? Most owners dread the daily maintenance of scooping waste from the litter box. That’s why SmartScoop®, an OurPet’s brand, is introducing its Self Scooping Cat Litter Box, which is designed to automatically scoop waste without the need for daily human interaction. SmartScoop saves cat owners’ time, is easy to use and keeps unwanted odors under control. SmartScoop fulfills a need desired in the automatic litter box arena – it is reliable, effective and efficient.


“The new SmartScoop is such a culmination of research, engineering and innovation that we are thrilled it’s available for cat owners,” said Dr. Steve Tsengas, president and CEO of The OurPet’s Company. “The technology of SmartScoop is appealing to pet parents who do not want to touch a dirty litter box. Whether a pet parent is a traveler who needs daily maintenance while away, pregnant and must be cautious around waste, or simply looking for a better way to deal with the daily task and odor, owners will find that SmartScoop eliminates daily maintenance, saves money because less clumping litter is needed and most importantly, SmartScoop is safe for cats.”


SmartScoop automatically removes waste from the box and places it into a storage compartment where odor meets the activated carbon filter and is diminished. The storage compartment also holds a no-touch waste bag, so all owners will need to do is dispose of the bag.


So how does it work? Once a cat has left SmartScoop, an automatic sensor will wait 15 minutes to ensure all waste in the litter has formed clumps. First, the motor will move the rake from one side to the other, pushing any waste that needs to be collected. Then, the rake will scoop any waste up and into the collection bin. The box is designed so litter and waste stay where it should – inside the box and waste compartment. The motion is seamless and allows for the rake to evenly spread the remaining litter on its way back to the home position. SmartScoop runs from a power outlet and all parts can be easily assembled for monthly litter removal and thorough cleaning.



SmartScoop is large enough for a multi-cat home, is sleek enough to fit in any room of the house and keeps the area clean and fresh. Includedsmartscoop in the purchase of a SmartScoop, cat owners will receive a litter catching ramp and a litter catching mat. The box includes everything needed for a six-month maintenance supply such as 24 no-touch waste bags and six carbon filters to be changed monthly. The suggested retail price is $149.99 and SmartScoop can be found purchased here.



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noteSmartScoop is large enough for a multi-cat home! The litter area is 14" wide x 16" deep, giving your cat plenty of room to do its business!

noteSmartScoop's activated filters absorb odor so you never have to worry about that "cat smell" again.

noteSmartScoop stays clean - giving you the freedom from scooping daily or worrying about coming home to a smelly home after traveling for a few days.





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