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Setting Up SmartScoop


Read instruction manual prior to set-up.


unlock clutch  
align motor


Locate motor unit and turn clutch clockwise to the "unlocked" position.



Align motor unit with litter pan edge and slide it forward.


lock clutch


The front edge of the motor unit should be aligned with the line on the litter pan, as shown above.




Engage clutch by turning the lever counter-clockwise to the "locked" position.


align waste unit  
align waste unit


Lift the plastic latch cover and align the waste unit above the motor unit. 



Press down to engage latches. 


align waste unit
not properly latched


You will hear a distinct "click" when the latches are properly engaged.



NOTE: The latch in this picture is not fully engaged. The bottom arrow shows a gap between the waste unit and motor unit and the top arrow shows that the latch is not in the correct position. 


properly latched
litter rake


This photo shows a properly engaged latch, with no gap between the motor unit and waste unit.



Assemble litter rake into waste unit.

litter rake
litter rake


First, place the straight end into the hole in the waste unit on the side opposite the motor unit.




Next, push the safety door latch to drop the curved end into the rake slot. (On older units, you must close the rake safety door. Failure to do so will cause the rake to be in an improper position which could damage the motor unit.)


litter rake

  close latch cover


Make sure that the tines of the litter rake are pointing toward the bottom of the litter pan, as shown above.



Close the plastic latch cover.

deflector   connect power cord


Install waste deflector, snap into the groove at the end of litter box. Smooth side should face inside box.



Locate the AC power supply.  Connect the breakaway power supply cord to the cord originating from the motor unit.

cord collar   fill with litter


Fix power supply cord collar into the slot located on the underside of the litter pan.



Fill with clumping litter. 

maximum amount of litter   plug and unplug


Do NOT exceed the "Maximum" line located on the inside of the litter pan. Overfilling WILL damage the motor unit.



Plug AC power supply into a working outlet.

turn unit on    


Press POWER button on motor unit to activate. SmartScoop will immediately complete a cycle when turned on. When SmartScoop is on, the MODE light be solid green and indicates that the unit will complete a cleaning cycle 15 minutes after your cat leaves the box. (NOTE: older units will NOT complete a cleaning cycle after being powered on).
















































































































































SmartScoop, an OurPet's brand.