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Amazon.com Reviews


October 1, 2011 - I just purchased this for my two cats the other day. It's very quiet compared to Littermaid. I like the fact that you can use grocery store bags and not have to purchase anything expensive. I have had 3 littermaid boxes and the last one came with all the perks, tent and all. Had it for 2 years and it kept getting stuck and not even going on its own automatically. I ended up throwing the thing in the garbage and it cost me $150 new. I highly recommend smart scoupe! Read more from Amazon.com.


- boggie (5 out of 5 stars)



September 7, 2011 - I've never used a self-scooping litterbox before so I don't have an objective comparison but this thing is great! Cats have been part of our household for over 25 years...as any cat owner knows, they can be somewhat finicky creatures with very distinctive likes and dislikes. One cat, who has a medical issue that is controlled by medication, absolutely refuses to use a previously soiled litter box. We weren't expecting this to help but it did! To our surprise, the self scooping mechanism seems to dramatically reduce our constant vigilence (bordering on paranoia) related to a clean litter box.


Closely related is the need for clean litter when we travel. In the past, going out for a long weekend required us to prepare several litter boxes to assure one would remain acceptable until we returned. By adding odor control and keeping the box clean, we can finally relax without resorting to loading up the house with litter boxes.

Last but not least, this saves money by not having to replace litter daily. While we still wouldn't let it go more than a couple days, it's a wonderful relief.

Now for the negatives....I'm not the most handy person and this proved confusing to put together. My spouse said it wasn't (he is handy) but frankly, if I had to get this working on my own, I would have docked it a start just for the frustration level. Aside from that, it seems well made...Read more from Amazon.com.

-javajunkie (5 out of 5 stars)


August 10, 2011 - First of all, before I make any purchase, I read reviews extensively. This product works great! I'm extremely satisfied and it's only been about a week. The catbox is "busy" area is pretty large and deep.The catbox is not silent, and some tiny little crumbles will not be picked up by the little grate, but if your going to complain about that, then keep scooping, otherwise, i'd recommend this for any cat owner. Walls are high enough to prevent side any side overage for those corner cats. The 15 min sensor is great, resets once the cat reenters, which is a must have. Also, the benefit of using any clumping litter is great. Plus after you have used all the provided waste bags, you can adjust any bag to use. Nice job Smartscoop! My purchase also included the cat mat, additional filters & waste bags. Read more from Amazon.com.


-dirtylittledog (5 out of 5 stars)



July 28, 2011 - wow I wish I would have bought this when I got my first cat. I am definitely going to buy another. I own three cats and each one needs their own litter box so this was a great plus for my furry friends. Excellent seller. Read more from Amazon.com.


- Kathy M. (5 out of 5 stars)



June 14, 2011 - Overall, this is a nice litter box. It is larger than a typical box because of the motor & design (mat & ramp). My teenager assembled the box without issue. And, of course, it is made for those who don't like to do a daily scoop. Because of the motor, it needs to be near an electrical outlet, so keep this in mind when you are deciding upon a litter box location.

The Good News: It works. There is a delay in raking so the cat(s) have time to get out & leave the room. It does reset if another cat jumps in.
The Bad News: If you have side or corner peeing cats, this isn't a great litter box choice. The rake just doesn't do a good job on these types of clumps.

And the other: Obviously, you still have to deal with the remains, but you just don't have to deal with them everyday. The bags that come with the box work well, but they are an on-going cost. The filters, another on-going expense, seem to do a good job. Read more from Amazon.com.


- Sister Carrie (3 out of 5 stars)



May 24, 2011 - I have never wanted to shell out alot of money for my cats, but if your going to do it....this litter box is the place and a must!!!

The SmartScoop Self-Scooping litter box is more than amazing. Who thought I would ever say that about a litter box. I used to keep my litter box downstairs in the basement because it was smelly, dirty and I hated changing it. That all changed after getting this product!!! THANK YOU!!!

When I received it in the mail..I found it very easy to put together and started using it right away. It is quiet enough and clean enough that I put it in my computer room right off my kitchen. The litter doesn't smell and really does a great job scooping out the urine and cat poop. Just everycouple of days do I have to change the bags. This has truely been a revelation to me. My Siamese cats didn't have any problems using it or getting used to it. Read more from Amazon.com.


- JRay (5 out of 5 stars)



April 22, 2011 - This assembled in about 5 minutes with straight forward instructions. I've never owned an automatic scooper, so I've nothing to compare it to. I filled up the clumping litter as directed and put the box where the old box resided. I also left the old box near by just in case. Both my cats have a thing for a fresh litter box, so it was minutes before one was there and did some business. I waited and it worked as advertised. My cats are fascinated by it and keep on getting in the box and setting the thing off. Luckily it is not in my bedroom. There is a ramp and a mat included with it.. like most of these items they never seem to keep the litter in the box.

Less scooping. Biodegradable bags.

Much less stink! Uses carbon filters where the waste sits. They recommend you change these quite frequently.

Quiet enough motor. I like the fact that the motor resides on the outside, where it should be farther from the litter.

No privacy sides. There is a ramp and a shield on the the front of the box, but I saw both my cats entering from the side. There is an optional "box" to buy.

No liner for the actual box. More cleanup of the actual box will have to happen sooner I imagine. Read more from Amazon.com.


- Wyvn (4 out of 5 stars)



See more product reviews at Amazon.com.


Blogger Reviews



October 4, 2011 - So far, my human thinks it works better than the other automatic litter boxes we have had — and we have had several! And Binga and Boodie like the extra room. Read the entire review here.


- SparkleCat.com



September 28, 2011 - Having the SmartScoop litter box in the house has made for a much more positive litter box experience for us all. Now I just need two more for the other levels in the house. Read the entire review here.


- Embrace Pet Community Blog



August 24, 2011 - Overall, the SmartScoop is well worth the price if you're sick of cat box duty. I've tried various manual litter boxes, and nothing beats the convenience of automatic. This box is also great for people with fussy cats who prefer to use an unsullied box. Read the entire review here.


- Barbara Nefer, About.com Guide



August 16, 2011 - The SmartScoop was pretty easy to set up and Teri liked the fact that disposing of the 'waste' looked simple and efficient and didn't mean tossing out a plastic tray each time--wasteful and not good for the landfills, either. Read the entire review here.


- Curlz and Swirlz...Life with Cornish Rex Cats, and a Sphynx named Disco NoFurNo




My family and I love our new smart scoop litter box. My boys especially love the fact that they are not scooping every day anymore. It didn"t even take long for our one cat that is scared of a lot of things to get used to it. It is a wonderful addition to our home. I like the fact that it keeps the odor in control. Thank you for such a wonderful product.


- Tracee from Conestoga, PA (emailed October 22, 2011)



HOLY CHANGING LIFE, BATMAN... WOW, i just have to say, it has changed my life. i just bought a new/old car, but i swear the smart scoop is probably the most exciting part of the past month. we have 5 cats. ive read the reviews, heard about all the clumping and getting jammed. whoever said, it clogs, gets backed up ...whatever. i have 5 cats and my "commen sense" tells me to just simply unload the receptacle more frequently...whats so hard with that. but ya know what...like i said, i have 5 cats and i have common sense. more cats you have, more ya need to check it. im going on 3 days, 5 cats...no scooping, just dumping the poop receptacle...better than scooping. my life had changed for the good... thanks smart scoop THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


- Julie D. from Santa Fe, New Mexico (emailed October 14, 2011)



I just wanted to let you know I purchased your Smartscoop litter box in June. I love it. It is so nice not to have to deal with the litter box on a daily basis. What is so funny though, is after our cat does her business and the 15 minute timer starts, she will stand outside the box and watch until the unit activates and starts cleaning. When it has picked up the litter, she will pounce at it and swat it with her paw. She then calmly walks away thinking she has defended her territory. lol

Thank you for a great product.

- Belinda B. from New Lebanon, Ohio (emailed August 20, 2011)



I recently purchased a ScoopFree™ litter box and have since taken it back and purchased a SmartScoop.  I initially bought the ScoopFree because it was more expensive and from a manufacturer I was familiar with.  I learned that just because something is more expensive, it doesn't mean it's better quality.  I love the bags with your product, makes for a much nicer clean up.  Thanks so much for a great machine.  I am telling everyone I know that has a cat about your product!


- Erin K.



This is the first time I have used an automatic litter box and I think SmartScoop is wonderful!  I would never go back to the old litter box!  I have noticed a decrease in odor and clean-up is a breeze!  What more can you ask for?


- Anita D.






SmartScoop is large enough for a multi-cat home! The litter area is 14" wide x 16" deep, giving your cat plenty of room to do its business!

SmartScoop's activated filters absorb odor so you never have to worry about that "cat smell" again.

SmartScoop stays clean - giving you the freedom from scooping daily or worrying about coming home to a smelly home after traveling for a few days.


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