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Troubleshooting - SmartScoop Struggles Through a Cleaning Cycle


remove litter


If you use a very heavy and dense hard-clumping clay-based litter, you may find that SmartScoop struggles through a cleaning cycle. 



If this occurs, you may need to

remove about 1/2" of litter.


litter pushed to end


Keep the litter level close to the "minimum" line and DO NOT OVERFILL with litter. This makes it much more difficult for SmartScoop to operate. 




After usage, litter may build up near the edge of the pan. This may prevent SmartScoop from efficiently scooping waste. 



push litter back    


Simply even out the litter so that SmartScoop can effectively remove waste. It is recommended to do this every time you refill the litter.



























SmartScoop, an OurPet's brand.